Welsh Farmers Wives


Stock No: 001412


Height: 9.5 Inches / 23 cm


Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 208, Fig a2209


Price: £595.00


A fantastic and very rare Staffordshire figure group of the Welsh farmers’ wives, fresh to the market and in good condition, the Welsh lady on the left is standing dressed in traditional Welsh attire, in her right hand she holds a basket while her left arm is to her side around her companion, she wears a shawl, long skirt, over cloak and has a tied lace bonnet around her head. The other lady also stands wearing Welsh attire holding a full basket of eggs and wearing a long skirt with an apron and over coat, she is balancing a pail on her head. Please look at the picture of the print which may be the source and inspiration the potters used to make the figure. Made in Staffordshire, England for the Welsh market c1850’s.

Current Condition: Professional invisible repair to necks, stable hairline to back, no other damage, repairs, or restoration.