Naval and Military

  • A Standing Figure of Prince Alfred (White & Gilt))

    Stock No: 000231


    Height: 8.25″ Inches / 21 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 190, Fig 623


    Price: £225.00


    A fine standing figure of Prince Alfred, here he stands on a titled gilt lined base with raised capitals “P. Alfred” His right arm is leaning on a roped bollard while in his hand he holds a straw hat. A perfect example of a white and gilt figure showing the modellers art to its maximum, the detail is so sharp and will defined, stunning.

  • A Crimea Sailor & Girl Group

    Stock No: 000557


    Height: 11.5 Inches / 29 cm


    Price: £350.00


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 237, Fig 837


    A lovely rare Crimea war group figure of an English sailor and girl standing on a rectangular base with canted corners, the sailor with his left hand raised above his head holding a flag, his right around the girl’s shoulder, wearing a hat, jacket, shirt and trousers , the girl with her right arm to her side holding a basket with fish, her left arm around his shoulder, wearing a plumed bonnet, laced bodice and skirt, a sash around her waist. Made c1856, it could possibly represent “The sailors farewell” or “Return”. This figure is in perfect condition with no damage, repairs or restoration.

  • A Crimean figure of a sailor’s lass

    Stock No: 000039


    Height: 8 inches/20.3cm


    Reference: Harding Book page 236 fig 821


    Price: £120.00


    A Crimean figure of a sailor’s lass holding a bag in her right hand and wearing a bonnet, blouse and double skirted dress. Made by the Alpha factory.

  • A Delightful Pearlware Group Figure of the Sailors Farewell

    Stock No: 000552


    Height: 7.75 Inches / 20 cm


    Reference: Myrna Schkolne, Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840 Vol 2, Similar to figures on Pages 112/113. Possibly Unrecorded.


    Price: £1250.00


    A good early pearlware figure of the sailors farewell. Lead-glazed earthenware with overglaze enamel decoration. A lovely rare example.

  • A miniature soldier

    Stock no: 000359


    Height: 5″ Inches / 13 cm


    Reference: Harding second addendum page 71 fig 930A


    Price: £75.00


    A miniature soldier of the British Volunteer Corps but often mistaken for a US confederate soldier of the Civil War period.

  • A Pair of Sailors Standing by Barrels

    Stock No: 000437


    Height: 10 Inches/ 26 cms.


    Reference: Harding Book 3, Page 72, Figs a860A / a860B


    Price: £350.00


    A pair of figures of two sailors standing beside barrels both holding mugs. The man on the left wearing a cap, shirt, neckerchief and breeches; the man on the right wearing a brimmed hat, shirt, neckerchief and trousers.

  • A rare group figure of a Soldier & Girl

    Stock No: 000523


    Height: 9.5 Inches / 24 cm


    Reference: Probably unrecorded


    Price: £395.00


    A very rare Victorian Staffordshire figure group of a soldier and girl, he is standing holding a scroll in his right hand and his girls arm in his left hand, wearing a plumed hat,  tunic with epaulettes and trousers, the girl wearing a feathered hat, a full-length coat over her dress, all on a rococo shaped base with gilt decoration. They appear to be possibly dancing and could therefore represent a theatrical pair as opposed to military. The source for the figure has yet to be discovered.

  • A Sailor Standing by a Barrel

    Stock No: 000443


    Height: 7 ” Inches / 18 cm


    Reference: Possibly Unrecorded


    Price: £120.00


    A figure of a standing sailor on a gilt lined circular base, wearing a head scarf, neckerchief, waistcoat, jacket and trousers. He is holding a mug in his left hand and leans against a coopered barrel.

  • A Very Rare Group Figure of Couple by Gravestone

    Stock No: 000472


    Height: 8.25 Inches / 21 cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum, Page 69, Fig 868A


    Price: £300.00


    A very rare group figure of a girl and sailor standing either side of a gravestone. His hat resting on the grave.

  • A very rare Large Pair of Wellington & A Lincoln

    Stock No: 000481


    Height: 15.5 Inches / 39.5 cms


    Reference: (Lincoln) Harding book 1, Page 79, Fig 183p (Wellington) Harding Book 1, Page 140, Fig 351P


    Price: £660.00


    A pair of very large and desirable figures of Lincoln and Wellington on horseback. These were probably one of the largest equestrian Staffordshire pairs to be produced.

  • An Unusual Sailor with Net

    Stock No: 000416


    Height: 6.5  Inches / 17 cm


    Reference: Probably Unrecorded


    Price: £150.00


    A standing sailor on circular base, wearing a hat, striped shirt, neckerchief, trousers and long boots. He has what looks like a boat’s rudder resting on his left shoulder with a fishing net draped over the rest, in his right hand he holds a drinking vessel. We have never seen this figure before and can not find a reference in any book.

  • Britains Glory

    Stock No: 000532


    Height: 10 Inches / 26 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, Page 233, Fig 810


    Price: £125.00


    A lovely figure of an English sailor standing on a titled base with raised capitals “Britains Glory”. The sailor is standing cross-legged, his right hand resting on his hip, his left arm leaning on a cannon, wearing a boater, neckerchief, shirt and trousers, a belt around his waist.