Naval and Military

  • A Crimean figure of a sailor’s lass

    Stock No: 000039


    Height: 8 inches/20.3cm


    Reference: Harding Book page 236 fig 821


    Price: £120.00


    A Crimean Alpha factory figure of a sailor’s lass holding a bag in her right hand and wearing a bonnet, blouse and double skirted dress.

  • A miniature soldier

    Stock no: 000359


    Height: 5″ Inches / 13 cm


    Reference: Harding second addendum page 71 fig 930A


    Price: £150.00


    A miniature soldier of the British Volunteer Corps but often mistaken for a US confederate soldier of the Civil War period.

  • A Very Rare pair of Sailor and Girl standing in Boats

    Stock No: 000277


    Height: 12″ Inches /30 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1, page 241, fig 850 & Griselda Lewis book, A Colletor’s History of English Pottery, page 219


    Price: £2500.00


    A  fantastic true pair brought together for the first time of a sailor standing in a boat upon the ocean, his right hand steadying himself on the prow of his boat while he waves a scarf with his other hand, to his right is a barrel and flag. The companion figure is of a lady holding a child in her arms and is the mirror image of the sailor. Both in perfect condition!!

  • Captain James Cook

    Stock No: 000266


    Height:  7.5″/19 cms


    Reference: A. & N. Harding, Book 1, page 54, Fig; 115


    Price: £1250.00


    ​A rare portrait figure of Captain James Cook one of the finest figures to come out of the Alpha factory. Professional restoration to the end of his finger and chip to the side of the table top.

  • Colonel Peard

    Stock no: 000343


    Height: 10″Inches / 26 cm


    Reference; Apparently unrecorded


    Price: £300.00


    A  very well modeled white and gilt figure of Colonel Peard on horseback. The base has C Peard on it in raised gilt capitals. This figure has not been recorded in any book to date.

  • Crimean boy and girl clock group

    Stock No: 000131


    Height: 10 inches/25.4cm


    Reference: Harding Second Addendum page 71 fig 933A


    Price: £450.00


    A group figure of boy and girl standing on either side of a clock face surmounted by flags. It is suggested that this figure was made to commemorate the end of the Crimean War.

  • Crimean War figure

    Stock No: 000071


    Height: 9 inches/22.9cm


    Reference: Harding Book 3 page 74 fig A 927


    Price: £75.00


    An interesting figure of two men seated at a barrel one smoking a pipe and reading a newspaper about the start of the Crimean War.

  • England Turkey France

    Stock No: 000089


    Height: 10.25 inches/26cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 226 fig 783


    Price: £200.00


    A well coloured figure titled ” England Turkey France ” depicting Abd-ul-Medjid, Queen Victoria and Napoleon Boneparte III

  • Equestrian Leopard Hunter

    Stock No: 000294


    Height: 11″ Inches/28 cm


    Reference: Harding Book 2, page 74, fig 1910




    A good and well coloured model of what is probably an army officer on horseback spearing a leopard which emerges from the undergrowth beneath.The Rider has bare feet which is somewhat mysterious. No pair to this figure is recorded.

  • Florence Nightingale

    Stock No: 000093


    Height: 11 inches/27.9cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 98 fig 233


    Price: £950.00


    A rare and most desirable large figure of Florence Nightingale holding a tray and wearing a split bodice and long dress

  • Florence Nightingale

    Stock No: 000094


    Height: 5.25 inches/13.3cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 99 fig 235


    Price: £150.00


    A small figure of Florence Nightingale standing with her left hand on a pillar

  • Garibaldi (Liberté )

    Stock No: 000087


    Height: 13.5 inches/34.3cm


    Reference: Harding Book 1 page 65 fig 145


    Price: £175.00


    A figure of Guiseppe Garibaldi standing on a rococo base holding a flag upon which is written” Liberté”